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Love shouts from people who listen to our podcast… Tina Orlandini – Today, in celebration of Rosangel Perez’s earth day, I’m sharing a beautiful resource she’s put out into the world: Cafecito Break Podcast – a chance to pause and listen to meaningful and relevant conversations that range from self-care and wellness to community and social issues.Continue readingThe Buzz from Cafecito Listeners – Testimonials

Humanitarian Crisis in Puerto Rico

“When Hurricane Maria savaged the Island, many of our deepest fears were realized,” said Velázquez. “With a power grid that already faced serious infrastructure problems, the storm has shut down power for the entirety of Puerto Rico. Even before Maria made landfall, the Island was already suffering from economic and financial crisis. Now, at the worst time possible, the Island has endured a natural disaster of historic proportions. Puerto Rican are Americans who have fought in nearly every major conflict, shedding blood and giving their lives for our country. We cannot and will not turn our backs on them.” – Congress Woman Nydia Velazquez

Today we are dedicating our show to my lil island and its people and to all of us who love Puerto Rico.  Your brothers and sisters are with you.  We will not abandon you. – ra

You can donate monetary contributions for Puerto Rico here: click the link that follows and make sure you check the option that you want your donations to go towards the Hurricane Relief Effort in Puerto Rico:

(image used with permission by artist Cindy Tosca-Ramos.

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