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Hanson Tse – Visionary Healer

Grab your cup of warmth and join Rosangel and Ruthie for a soulful Cafecito Podcast chat with Visionary Healer – Hanson Tse

About: Hanson is a unique figure in the fields of health and spirituality. Unifying varying traditions of understanding, he offers unparalleled healing work and spiritual growth accompanied by revolutionary, philosophical insights into the functioning and potential of ourselves as human beings. Results are rapid, deep, and life-changing and effective for people of all walks, faiths, and beliefs. ​ By addressing the fundamental core self, he is able to promote massive, positive transformation in health and happiness, love and relationships, mindset, creativity, and more. Through the course of a session, he is able to resolve longstanding conflicts and pass on highly advanced, elusive spiritual knowledge virtually instantaneously and in an embodied way. So profound is his work that he is sometimes referred to as “The Soul Weaver.” ​

Hanson is available for private and group sessions, lectures, workshops, retreats, and much more. Please visit our other pages for more information. Begin your new life by booking a session today! Learn more:

Cafecito Break Podcast | Let's start the conversation… heart warming critical thinking chats about society, relationships, health, community, politics, family, love, and truths.

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