July 2018

“The best fighter is never angry.” ― Lao Tzu Many of us are constantly being bombarded by rage, anger, and chaos on television, radio, the news, and social media.  We also witnessing this collective rage within some of our communities and loved ones. Being in a constant state of angerContinue Reading

There are some days I feel so frustrated with the direction of polarized politics that I get the urge to run for public office, But then reality sets in. I rather have your vote towards Cafecito Break. We are a brand of trust, critical thinking, community wellness, love, and integrity.Continue Reading

“And it’s not a healthy environment right now, but we need to find our way out of it..” Assemblyman Marcos Crespo from the Bronx, NY is back with Ruthie and RA for a live Cafecito Chat. A community is mourning.  Many people are feeling hopeless and enraged. The political environmentContinue Reading

“You have to take risks. We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen.” – Paulo Coelho RA and Ruthie’s message for their latest Cafecito Break podcast is… “Just Do it.”  They both share stories of taking a daring chance and how thatContinue Reading