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Love, Lil White Lies, Is Money The Root of All Evil Y Mas

“Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.”- Albert Einstein

Cafecito Confession with RA – I grew up hearing that ‘little white lies” were not as bad as the big ones, but life has taught me that “lil white lies” not addressed get in the way of relationships. We are all intuitive beings. Some of us are more aware of this intuition than others. Over time, “lil white lies” add up. It creates distance. It creates a vibe in the air that feels like a huge poster board sign that screams “WARNING.. do not trust this person, something is not clear here.”

Love Shouts – To our nations heros, to all the super men and women who serve and have served this country. Thank you for loving this country and protecting our nation… Thank you

The big question is… how can we or how are we giving back to these men and women?

RA Reports – Lil White Lies…

Is Money The Root of All Evil? And does this contribute to a poverty mindset?

Super Hero Poem Steve Lazarowitz

Cafecito Cup of Wisdom: Maybe You Don’t Know What Love Is?

RA’s Crystal Ally Recommendation: Rose Quartz – Stone of love, Self Love, Reflection, and Forgiveness
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Make it Wepa Affirmation/Prayer Yes to now. Yes to Cafecito. Yes to laughing wildly. Yes to funny drawings. Yes to big juicy hugs. Yes to poetry. Yes to holding hands. Yes to singing in the rain. Yes to being here with you. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Do what you can with what you have And make it Wepa.

Thank you for listening…

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