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Throwback Ep | Mary Rodwell – The Alien Lady of ACERN

RA and Ruthie have an awakening conversation with Mary Rodwell, “The Alien Lady” in 2017…

With more than 3000 cases of research, Mary suggests extraterrestrial encounters are a global phenomenon; evident in the star children being born. These beings exhibit a maturity and wisdom beyond their years, with a connection to spiritual realms. Indigo and Crystal children have telepathic abilities, and can describe non-¬‐human visitors with feelings that they are as real as their feelings for their ‘earth’ family.

Learn more: MARY RODWELL: AUTHOR OF AWAKENING & THE NEW HUMAN, FOUNDER OF ACERN (Australian Close Encounter Resource Network), DIRECTOR & CHAIR OF FREE (Foundation for Research into Extraordinary Encounters), REGRESSION SPECIALIST, and COMMITTEE MEMBER of EXOPOLITICS.



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