We begin with a Wepa in Your Face – Harsh Truth Reality Reflection….

These are weird times, compressing times, 1984 feeling like a digital slave time… What helps? Being with community, loved ones and connecting to faith.

In this podcast, RA and Ruthie chat about big brother – big tech – big data invasion and privacy concerns.  Find out why they both recommend that you Get an old fashioned address book, write down contact information of loved ones and devise an emergency preparedness plan with your family in case there is an emergency and a disconnection in internet and cel phone service.

Blessings Peace and Prosperity to all of you! – Cafecito Break

Conform or Die, Big Tech has become the Feared Big Brother Thought Control Machine – Natural News: https://www.naturalnews.com/2019-06-09-conform-or-die-big-tech-has-become-the-feared-big-brother-thought-control-machine.html
If Privacy is the question, Digital Slavery is Not The Answer – Chris Herd : https://medium.com/@ChrisHerd/if-privacy-is-the-question-digital-slavery-is-not-the-answer-99ead8a0b13d

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