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Is Telepathy Real? What the Heck is going on in NYC with latest Vaccine Mandates? What does this mean for us? Why Should We Pay Attention? We will also discuss the recent death of Arkansas Senator Linda Collins Smith,  Our Question of the Week – Have you ever seen a ghost or something unexplained?  And we wrap with our holistic recommendations. Listen here for our latest podcast.

This proverb is of Dutch origin, and is first recorded in The Ancient Law Merchant compiled by G. De Malynes and others, and published in 1622. It was later included in a book of English proverbs collected by John Ray in 1678.

The Law Merchant or lex mercatoria, was a system of law developed by medieval merchants to regulate commerce throughout the known world of Europe, North Africa, and Asia Minor. The laws had their roots in the days before nation states existed, and were based on the premise that laws should evolve from the commercial practices themselves, and that merchants, not local rulers, were the best source for creating and policing the laws.

Much of today’s commercial law is still based on the basic premises laid down by the Law Merchants.

Ruthie Reports: It is up to us to Stay Informed & Keep Growing. So here is my  HOT item that is very relevant TODAY  ….

  • Linda Collins Smith – RIP Senator Collins-Smith ?
    Arkansas State Senator, Linda Collins-Smith, was shot and killed in her home. She was working with a DHS insider to expose the missing $27M from DHS/Child Protective Services (CPS/DCS). Coincidence?
  • She was a WARRIOR for the truth who served the people with true integrity. Prayers for her family tonight and for justice in this case, as her murder is now being investigated. #RIPSenatorLindaCollinsSmith

RA Reports – Is Telepathy Real?

Have you Seen a Ghost?:

Cafecito Question of the Week: HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A GHOST OR SOMETHING UNEXPLAINED? Share here. Your post may be shared on podcast


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