The Perez Sisters of Cafecito Break Alex and RA host a roundtable with some of the members of the tribe. Listen to an honest conversation with artists, artisans, entrepreneurs, and teachers.

Featuring Alex Perez, Rosangel Perez, Juan Roman Jr, Nathan Bunce, Evelyn Jimenez, Russel Hill, Melissa Fernandez, and Brandon Duran.

QUESTION FOR YOU: What is your 2020 Vision? Comment below and share it with us. Let us witness one another. We can use this medium to uplift and hold one another’s vision.

Thank you community for being a part of our lives. Thank you for seeing us. Thank you for witnessing us. Thank you for believing in us. We appreciate you. Here’s to a healthy prosperous wholesome joyful successful make it wepa 2020.

Recorded Live at St Pauls in Brooklyn

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Made in Brooklyn
Produced by The Perez Sisters!