UFO UAP Testimonial from RA: I thought I would be blasting the news out to the world about my sighting. But the truth is that I am still processing the whole experience. It happened Sat Night about 6:30pm Def 7th 2019 as I was walking back from an event. No… there are no pics. It’s was too dark and the #UFO #UAP #ship was #flying without any lights on. I was alone on a dark block. So it wasn’t like I could shout OMG Look Look. ? All I could do was witness it moving in the sky. It felt like I was seeing something out of Star Trek episode. It felt ancient. I am trying to find a pic or image on the internet of what it looked like. What I can say is that I got the bottom view of this ship. When I looked up as I was taking a big breath it was flying directly above me high in the sky. One “leg” of this skyship looked bigger than an airplane. And when I say Klingon ish – it’s not that it looked like it. But that my feeling that I was seeing something old. #lookup #skywatch #ra #cafecitobreak #brooklyn #sighting #wow

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