Men, Women, Trauma, Fear, Programming, Healing, Relationships, Toxic Masculinity, Toxic Femininity, Doing The Inner Work, Lack, Prosperity, and Sisterhood are topics covered in this first interview of 2020.

We invite you to listen to this multi dimensional conversation with Zaza Ali – Mother, Teacher,  Activist, Self Published Author, Consciousness Teacher, and Radio Personality.

About | Zaza Ali is a frequent speaker on behalf of women and children. ZaZa has done extensive research on the cultural norms impacting the Black community, as well as the global dichotomy of racism and its impact on the human family. Her popular and growing presence on social media, fueled by what some consider controversial perspectives.

To purchase her books and/or Connect with Zaza Ali – Website: | Email:

Link to purchase her latest workbook “Change Your Mind – From Lack to Abundance”

“The message to audiences of every demographic remains the same; Self-Accountability and an Emphasis on Truth, Spiritual Development and Service to Others is the key to (R)Evolution.” – Zaza Ali

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