Connecting the dots…  In these uncertain and alarming times, how does one prepare for the unknown? Now is a perfect time to tap into Spirit Warrior Medicine. This is why Ruthie and RA invited Arriale Starbird who shares some powerful insights that can be helpful for you in these days of quarantine, stay at home, corona virus – covid-19 fears.

In this interview, Arriale Starbird connects a lot of dots between key metaphysical concepts to help humanity be Masters of their own reality and  break out of the 3D matrix! Listen below for tips on how to cultivate a Spirit Warrior mindset and lifestyle.

Arriale Starbird is a Spiritual Counselor and Shamanic Energy Medicine practitioner. She created, practices and teaches a unique healing art – Spirit Warrior Medicine – which is a result of many years of doing inner work and working with clients. She has been working with clients since 2004, to help them recover wholeness, self integration, and reach optimal levels of health. Her work is inspired by many healing modalities which she has studied, including several paths of Shamanic Medicine, Past Life Regression Therapy, Spiritual Psychology, Reiki, Psychic Self Defense, working with Archangels and Angels for healing and to acquire information, Matrix Energetics, Bioenergetics, Aromatherapy, Anti-Aging medicine, Astrology, Numerology, Body Work, Breathwork, Meditation, Kinesiology, Yoga, Nutrition, Supplementation, Fitness Science, several different forms of Martial Arts, and other forms of natural healing and therapies.

Questions she discusses:

What is the difference between dimensions, densities, and timelines?

How to navigate the field of potential and timelines?

What is the nature of 3D Matrix vs 5D Matrix?

Who are the Starseeds, Indigos (Spirit Warriors) and the Crystal and Rainbow kids?

What is the Earth Black Goo?

What is the Invasive Black goo?

What are SSP and DUMBs – Secret Space Program and Deep Underground Military Bases?

Difference between real souls vs non real people?

What is the difference between Hermetics and the Law Of Attraction?

Why must we practice Law Of Attraction and Shadow Integration together?

What happens when we don’t?

Why we all have PTSD?

What is the relationship between the Shamanic concept of Soul Loss and Dissociative Disorder / MPD, Autism, Schizophrenia, Stockholm Syndrome, and many other mental and physical illnesses?

Cultivate a Spirit Warrior Mindset and Lifestyle:

– 100% responsibility for your reality, including your wounds, your PTSD, your mind, your soul, your body, your consciousness and unconsciousness, your shadows, your inner treasures, your inner dragons, and your inner heroes

– Healthy lifestyle: Very clean diet. Plant based diet a must. Vegan is best. Vegetarian ok. Don’t eat meat of any kind – nothing that has a heart and a face. Eggs might be ok for some. Dairy strongly not recommended. Vegetables and plant based proteins should be your main diet. Ideally, grow your own food.

– Intermittent Fasting – boosts the immune system. Regular ketosis is necessary for the body to be optimally healthy.

– Regular strenuous exercise. 1 hr 5-6 days / week is very good. Longer workouts, if you’re able.

– Pure water with alkaline pH. No tap water at all. Don’t buy water in plastic bottles. Filter your own water.

– Quality supplements, in the right dosages.

– Critical: Detox daily! Most people have massive amounts of toxins they are not aware of. You must detox daily so that your Soul can fully incarnate into your body. It doesn’t happen all at once at birth. It happens slowly over the course of your life. And it cannot incarnate into a toxic, sick body! If your soul is blocked from incarnating into your body, then dark forces will be able to have control over it more easily. That is the purpose of the toxins in our food, air, water, etc.

– Mental and emotional diet – be very careful what information, ideas and images you ingest into your mind and energy field. Research everything, but not everything will be medicine and nourishment for your soul’s growth.

– Spartan lifestyle. Have as little attachments as possible. It’s ok to own things, but don’t allow those things to own you.

– Meditation and Breathwork daily – free and cleanse your mind and consciousness of internal negative attachments

The purpose of Spirit Warrior Medicine:

– To protect and cultivate that which is sacred – your Self, your Soul, your Spirit and your connection to Source (aka the Creator, God, the Great Spirit, your Higher Power, etc.)

– Personal and Spiritual Development to move from 3D (3rd density false matrix, disconnected from Source) to 5D (5th density natural universal matrix, connected to Source) and beyond

– To integrate one’s own deeper creative potential trapped in one’s unconsciousness, aka ‘the shadow’ in Jungian psychology. This process is called Shadow Integration. No, it does not mean you integrate evil into yourself. The idea is that once you face the dark/unseen parts with love, they transform into light. Then you integrate that light that was unknown to you before. This is how your wounds become a source of Medicine for yourself and others whom you share your Medicine with.

– To cultivate the capability, skills and mindset of a Spirit Warrior who effectively overcomes all dark forces which block one’s progress and spiritual evolution. And to pass on this Art to future generations.

– To take the red pill 🙂

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Thank you for listening!

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