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Monday Mornings w/ Ruthie and RA 0620

“We can either build people up or tear people down… it’s choice Build someone up. Put their insecurities to rest. Remind them they’re worthy. Tell them they’re unique & magical Be a light on their journey… be the light that helps them find their way” ~unknown

Topics include:

  • Love Shouts – Happy Birthday Cafecito Break #8years
  • The flu Vaccine… Free is not Free
  • Autism and Vaccines
  • Flu Vaccine Ingredients (pretty alarming)
  • Corona Virus
  • Practical Tips to Prepare which include: Please do not panic…
  • Raw Local Honey and Healing Benefits of Manuka Honey
  • Why the honey you might be buying might be fake honey
  • Astral Insights – Full Moon in March
  • Cell Phone Radiation Scandal

Cup of Wisdom Recommendations: Manuka Honey and Yoga

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Cafecito Break  – 100 Percent Indie! Celebrating 8 Years!

Produced and Hosted by Women.

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Made in Brooklyn.
Produced by The Perez Sisters
Hosted by Rosangel, Ruthie and Alex

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FULL MOON in Virgo + Mercury Direct March 9th 2020~

Coronavirus going to hit its peak and start falling sooner than you think

Dr. Speaks up about vaccines: