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Monday Mornings w/ Ruthie and RA – Community Check in

Today we checked in with the tribe…

Listen below to Ruthie and RA’s latest Monday Morning show.  We also invite you to check out our YouTube channel for The Perez Sisters : “12 Feet Apart Web Series”

Cafecito Question of the Week: What has shocked you in the past two weeks?

Our Cafecito tribe responds….

Rosangel: hmm… how quickly everything around the world could shift. Even though there is so much uncertainty and many questions, my heart tells me that this could also change in beautiful amazing ways as well.
William: Exactlyyyyyy ?
Troy: The power of social media and the media in general, influencing “herd mentality”….in a negative way. (Altho it IS perpetuating LOVE and understanding of the plight of our fellow Humans as well!)
Sydney: This literally proves that ANYTHING is possible!
Heather Carlucci: The beautiful way we utilized social media in the good ways. People came together, started helping in any way they could, created new communities.  ALSO how so many lightworkers felt it coming… many different ways.
Brian: its all a fucking blur, rosangel. I get PTSD just from reading my newsfeed. hard to pick anything in particular. none of it shocks. all of it hurts.
Eva: I’m sadden by the ignorance I’ve witnessed. New Yorkers seem to think they’re untouchable. I personally would not be able to live with myself due to thinking selfishly and being the cause of someone becoming contaminated.
So i heed to the advice true or false and stay from my friends and family for their own safety
Be well and stay safe ??
Risa: How quiet outside seems.
Joyce: What has shocked me the most are images of crowds not adhering to social distancing such as Washington, DC, Cherry Blossom crowds standing shoulder to shoulder, beaches packed in Florida. It’s unconscioubable and reckless:
Dennis: Two things: 1) All the people still in stores and parking lots still seems to be crowded.
2) All the shortages in stores still persisted. How much toilet paper could you possibly need?
Alexandra: How little people have mentioned God but are behaving in the most compassionate loving ways.
Shay: How quickly it all unfolded. I def felt like something was going to happen. And then boom it did. The waiting game for what’s next is rough too
Regina: That while enjoying a replay of my favorite band in my favorite place…people still had complaints. While I’m definitely broken and can be a more positive person, please don’t let me be the person who rains on ANYONE’S parade.
Sonia: The way some people are shopping and forgetting the elderly. I know that I am worried and I will continue to pray.
Vanessa: The fact that people are so selfish and aren’t taking this seriously and social-distancing, when in the long run it’s going to take longer for this to end because of them spreading it more.
Aracelis: Hi Panation. Not shocked but saddened by the selfish ways that will continue despite being hit with a fuetazo! Some will never get it! I continue to reflect personally on my need to be connected to Source and nature. I continue to seek the answers in silence, to be in gratitude, healthier living and find balance. I work towards making more time for the simple things. Being more mindful has been a process. This journey continues and I’m grateful for you and some others who have helped me along the way. Community is so important and sadly some will still not get this. ??❤️ we will get through and preferably the lessons will be learned. Love you Panation.
Alex Perez: the fragility of how life as we all knew shifted in what has felt like a moments notice…yet the strength and moldability to shift and evolve in ways we need to….if this doesn’t proof that we are made up of something Godlike what does!!

Thank you for listening!  Please discern. Walk with kindness. Walk in faith.

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