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Monday Mornings w/ Ruthie and RA #1120

“In order to start transitioning back to normal, de Blasio said the city needs the ability to better track individual cases and ensure New Yorkers can go back to work by ramping up testing capacity. The city needs both the components for testing kits as well as protective gear for those conducting the screenings.

“We want to get back to a containment strategy,” he said. Source Daily News

Have we been too trusting of the CDC, The WHO, Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, Google, Apple, Big Tech, the mainstream media and our politicians?

It’s April 13th, 2020 – Down the rabbit hole Ruthie and RA go again. Topics include: Dr Fauci’s work history and connections, Bill Gates vaccines and patents, Event 201,  Big Pharma, Surveillance Technology, Apple and Google introduce Modern Scarlett Letter App – Covid 19 Contact Tracing and more.

“In addition to quarantines and lockdowns, some governments like those in China, Taiwan, and South Korea have been using a surveillance strategy called “contact tracing” to reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus.

While each country’s contract tracing program has slight variations, all of them are essentially cell phone apps that keep a running record of the user’s heath and the health records of all the people they come into contact with.”

If a cell phone comes in close contact with someone who might have the virus, the user receives a text message informing them and then instructing them to self-quarantine for 14 days.” – Source Waking Times

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