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Monday Mornings w/ Ruthie and RA #1420

Who are you listening To?  Who are they wanting us to listen to?

Hot Trending Topics with Ruthie and RA
-New Therapies that are being explored for healing
-Vaccine Safety
-Media Fear Porn
-Social Distancing Violations
-Will NYC start opening May 15th?
-People are losing their businesses
-How Quiet The Neighborhood has been
-To Wear or Not to Wear a Mask

“Remember: We have ancestors that have crossed over/ We have millions of angels who are working with God to help us and we have God, Himself, wanting our success to achieve our purpose & destiny. Let’s keep our head high & direction forward to accept our success. Keep your hands open & outstretched to receive your blessings.” – Dr. Gary Berman – InnerRx Institute


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Made in Brooklyn. Produced by The Perez Sisters
Hosted by Rosangel, Ruthie and Alex

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