“It always make sense in the end. -RA”
Ruthie and RA offer their latest social political commentary which include,
  • A Safer Cheaper Way to Treat Covid Successfully
  • Wearing a Mask Debate continues. When is it safe? How can it be dangerous?
  • Ruthie and RA Speaking up…  Leaders telling others what to do when it doesn’t make sense
  • Crazy times, illegal fireworks, more crimes, and shootings reported in major cities across the USA
  • The truth about BLM Movement and their mission statement
  • Social Distance Snitches
  • Gislaine Maxwell Arrested
  • The Psychological Fuckery of Temperature Guns

Covid19 – Is There a Magic Bullet? (Ruthie’s Notes)

  • “Local doctor believes he has found ‘silver bullet’ for COVID-19” – Texas Emergency Room Doctor, Richard Bartlett, M.D.
  • Treats patients with Budesonide, antibiotics, and zinc.
  • Treatment is administered via nebulizer. (localized inhalation to lungs instead of full body steroid treatment).
  • Patients often feel better in 1st treatment
  • He has been treating high-risk COVID-19 patients, like the elderly, those with heart disease and cancer
  • 100% success rate
  • Watch interview below. Read Source Article.
  • Japanese researchers have discovered that administering a steroid inhalant for asthma helped improve the conditions of three patients infected with the new coronavirus.” – Read Article
  • Video of law enforcement official – watch video
  • Georgia Stone Mountain BLM – watch video
  • NYC Murders statistics – “64 Shot, 10 Dead: Spike in Gun Violence Alarms an On-Edge N.Y.C.” – Read the article
  • Chicago Murder Statistics – “Fourth of July weekend gun violence in Chicago includes 17 killed, including 2 children, and dozens more wounded”. Read the article.
  • BLM – (2016 Islamic Conference – Anti Semitism – donations to DNC) – Additional information to be posted at a letr date.
  • P. Diddy – book on adrenochrome – screenshot1 & screenshot2
  • Kamala Harris – Twitter Screenshot – Why are her records being wiped? I looked at her Wikipedia page and then looked at it on the waybackmachine (https://archive.org/web/). Try it. Enter https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kamala_Harris and choose a date. You’ll see the differences for yourself.
  • TRIGGERING – “A primal terror surfaces whenever anyone holds a gun to your head—no matter how benign the instrument may be. The history of violence associated with this type of handheld device in the public imagination is so established that it’s hard to see a pistol-like object aimed at humans in a neutral way.” – Read Article.

Mentions: Tim Pool, An0maly, Jacob Israel

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Congresswoman, AOC is one of Biden’s Advisors: https://www.ibtimes.com/dems-close-ranks-biden-names-aoc-other-progressives-policy-task-force-2975568

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