March 8th, 2012 represents a huge milestone for Cafecito Break.  Today was the day she made her radio debut via WBAI 99.5 FM. Celebrating 9 Years! 

A message from its creator:  It almost didn’t happen. I almost didn’t make it to the mic on that day. I had dreamed about this moment for over 15 years and here it was and I had food poisoning. Family advised me to stay home. I hadn’t eaten in days. Couldn’t keep food down. I remember writing a two hour live show run-down from the comforts of the bathroom.
I also remember feeling crushed at the timing of this event, as if the universe had played a cruel joke on me.
My body wanted to stay home, but my soul knew that was a non-negotiable. Somehow this dream had to happen.
A powerful circle of women held me up on that day. They pampered me, loved me up, picked me up from my home, and escorted me to the studio.
Yet, there in Manhattan at WBAI 99.5 fm, I was still unsure if I could get through the show.
But when the moment arrived, God created a way.
And those two hours were amazing!
I will never forget the strength of the women around me and how my sistars made sure I didn’t falter on a life long dream.

In honor of all the women that have been a part and/or have shared a Cafecito with us!
Eternally grateful, RA
Cafecito Break
Born on International Working Women’s Day
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