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Saying No To Vax ID Passports and Vax Mandates

hello out there!

Not everyone is happy go lucky wanting to have a party and rushing to take the Covid 19 Vaccine….

Well technically it is not even a vaccine.  This jab has not been efficiently tested.

And while Mainstream Media is not fully covering it, adverse affects and even deaths are being attributed to this Covid- 19 Vaccine Jab that so many are convinced will not only save lives, but allow them to go back to the “old normal”.

Hate to burst this bubble, but we have been misled. 

Even if you take the Covid -19 Vaccine you may still:

  1. get Covid,
  2. shed and transmit it to others
  3. experience adverse effects
  4. lose rights to demand money for damages
  5.  masks mandates continues
  6. contract tracing continues
  7. and Covid tests continue

Not to mention there are reports of a new strain….

In conclusion: please research and stop asking others to take an UNTESTED jab.

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