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I Still Love NY. I Do. I Really Do, Pero These Mandates Are Suffocating The NY Spirit

Government leaders are threatening lockdowns again. They are threatening permanent mask mandates and more testing. They want all of us to accept the jab and a jab travel passport and with it more contract tracing.

Some things sound good on paper but they don’t work out in the real world.

There are billions of people living on this planet. How the heck can there be a one size fits all solution?

For those of us that feel into the layers of everything we are seeing and hearing; all of the flip flopping and confusion, that alone feels like madness. People are upset. People are angry. People are fighting with one another. There is so much aggression on the streets and “my way of the highway mentality.”

We are human beings. We are not meant to be locked down.

Studies indicate they don’t work anyway.

We have become hyper focused on cases. Shouldn’t we be focusing on who is dying and why? Shouldn’t we be exploring natural solutions to help the human body get stronger and healthier? No that is not happening.

What is happening is that many are accepting dinero and in exchange they are pushing, promoting, influencing, peer pressuring, threatening others to accept mandates, some so extreme that many of us feel like we woke up to an insane asylum.

Don’t forget politicians are voted in to serve the public.

Mainstream media has become dramatic and sensational.  Therefore it is healthy to explore alternative perspectives.

Big Tech and social media giants are helping to feed division and they are not allowing for other perspectives besides the main accepted narrative.

This is dangerous. If we can not openly discuss, openly criticize and analyze and speak with one another how can there be growth and expansion and building with others?

I still love NY I really do. I love the NY grit. I love the NY real straight up talk and I love the NY instinct.

Final thought. I will not comply. My body my choice.  My body my life.

Rosangel @cafecitobreak

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