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We Will Not Comply – NY For Choice

People like me are being shamed, bullied, yelled at, cancelled, deplatformed, censored, and threatened by people, They say, “If you don’t take the Vax, we can’t be friends. You can’t visit me. You can’t talk to me” And now we are being further separated by mandates. It’s a new kind of segregation and many are participating. -RA

This is naughty naughty!
Look in the mirror before pointing fingers.
Many of you need to take some pause chill meditation time and contemplate the role you are helping to play by going along, remaining silent, and or being lazy about your research.
You can use the time you take to criticize others and investigate instead.
We all need to take a little more accountability.
We need more kindness and to speak with respect.
This “either or” society is not healthy. No one likes these kinds of relationships. I believe in choice and freedom. I will not comply.
It is not wise to throw stones if you really do not understand what the heck you are talking about.
Many are being programmed to go against the sacred.

What kind of Scarlet Letter society are we creating by accepting MANDATING VACCINES and VACCINATION PASSPORTS for everyone?

This is wrong.
This is medical tyranny.
This is oppression.
This is not love.
This is a sin against what it means to be human!
This goes against God.
This violates our basic human, civil, and religious rights.
We will not comply.
We stand for health freedom and the right to choose.
in solidarity,
Cafecito Break
Flag meme by @elviskatari and @cafecitobreak