The Birth of Cafecito Break Podcast – Keeping My Eyes on The Prize…

“I started my podcast at a time when I had no job. No home & sleeping on a friends couch. People laughed. Belittled my dream. I did it anyway. I used everything I had to take me to the next step with sharp focus. In that process I found my voice. I found me. I found my strength” – RA



Monday Mornings with Ruthie and RA: in Production

MTB – Cafecito Break:  Hosted by RA – Premiered BBOX Community Radio in Brooklyn – (will be produced again)

Cafecito Live at the Hive with The Perez Sisters:  Feb 2018 – August 2018

Cafecito Break Live at St Pauls – Live Podcast Show and Vendors Market (in production – monthly)

Cafecito Break at Soul Haven – with Judith Grasshopper and Irma StarSpirit Woman  (in production – monthly)

The Rosangel Perez Podcast – From RA’s point of view (in the warm up phase)

Most of our conversations are hosted live and every time we share a podcast, we find that we learn something new about ourselves, our reality, and the richness of this moment.

“We’re losing social skills, the human interaction skills, how to read a person’s mood, to read their body language, how to be patient until the moment is right to make or press a point. Too much exclusive use of electronic information dehumanises what is a very, very important part of community life and living together.” -Vincent Nichols

We are best friends, community girls, producers of Cafecito Break Podcasts, and Urban Spiritual Crystal Sisters.  Learn more here: