Is Your Phone Spying On You?

“Where there is no human connection, there is no compassion. Without compassion, then community, commitment, loving-kindness, human understanding, and peace all shrivel. Individuals become isolated, the isolated turn cruel, and the tragic hovers in the forms of domestic and civil violence. Art and literature are antidotes to that.” -Susan Vreeland

Inside Cafecito Break with RA:

Topics include – our relationships to smart devices, the intrusion of modern technology, how smart phones and smart tv's track you, the importance of community interaction, and connecting heart to heart with others.


Is Your Cell Phone Spying On You?

It’s not your imagination — your phone really is spying on you: Hundreds of Android apps use the microphone to secretly monitor and record your TV habits

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The Unkindness of Strangers #esecabron

Reporting Tremendo Bullships

Topics – The Unkindness of Strangers #esecabron with responses from our Social Media Tribe, and an announcement of next 29 days of #pafuera con los #tremendobullships #decluttering now, and lil cousin announces his teacher is filled with Tremendo Bullships.

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Are Screens Getting In The Way?

Topics include Smart Phone Addictions, the way we connect, creating your own way, and taking more tech breaks


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New Year Messages from Our Social Media Tribe

We invite you to listen to New Year Messages from our Cafecito Listeners/Social Media Tribe.

May this year be a prosperous one for you and your loved ones.

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2017 in Review and What’s Ahead for Cafecito Break in 2018

“For last year's words belong to last year's language And next year's words await another voice.” – T.S. Eliot, Four Quartets

Happy New Year!  Rosangel Perez, Ruthie Guten and Special Guest Dennis Guten invite you to listen here to our latest podcast. Topics includes a look back to 2017 and what is coming up for Cafecito in 2018.  Also discussed… the words we use, the words we say, Women's March, Geo Engineering, #metoo, and more. We also share 2018 intentions and Cafecito Break listener messages with the world.

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The Evolution of RA and Cafecito Break – Great Awakenings

Rosangel talks about her Spiritual Awakening and what it means to awaken. She also talks about how Cafecito Break Podcast is evolving and what is coming up for 2018.

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