April 15, 2018 cafecitobreak

“There are few things in the world as dangerous as sleepwalkers.” – Ralph Ellison A Cafecito Reflection with RA

March 23, 2018 cafecitobreak

“When You Get Woke… you realize you don’t know sh#t.” RA #explicit Topics include – Are you sleeping well, feeling the purge, political correctness, freedom of speech, dealing with your fire, fake conversations, when friends or loved ones want you to altar the way you speak, and the importance of honoring yourself, your creative force, and your body, your mind and your soul… a note from RA – I had no idea so much fuego was going to come out of me… but it did. Please listen to the whole message before jumping to conclusions. There are things that…

March 22, 2018 cafecitobreak

“Let today mark a new beginning for you. Give yourself permission to say NO without feeling guilty, mean, or selfish. Anybody who gets upset and/or expects you to say YES all of the time clearly doesn’t have your best interest at heart. Always remember: You have a right to say NO without having to explain yourself. Be at peace with your decisions.” ― Stephanie Lahart We invite you to listen to part two of this discussion with RA and Ruthie. Topics include imitation verses inspiration and the ways we compromise ourselves in our most intimate relationships.

March 22, 2018 cafecitobreak

“It took me 40 years to write my first book. When I was a child, I was encouraged to go to school. I was not encouraged to follow the career of a writer because my parents thought that I was going to starve to death.” – Paulo Coelho Ruthie and RA chat about small ways we betray ourselves in our day to day life and within our closest relationships.

March 13, 2018 cafecitobreak

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most importantly, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” ~ Steve Jobs Celebrating 6 years! Thank you!! Want to help us celebrate… make an appreciation donation here:

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The way you get meaning into your life
is to devote yourself to loving others,
devote yourself to your community around you,
and devote yourself to creating something
that gives you purpose and meaning
– Mitch Albom

Since 2011, we have hosted private and public community Cafecito Break events which included a Speaker series and local community gatherings. Since 2012 we have produced independent critical thinking community podcasts based in Brooklyn called Cafecito Break.

Last year in 2017, Cafecito Break teamed up with local community groups and businesses. Together we hosted four Donation/Relief Drives for hurricane and earthquake victims of Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and Mexico. We hosted a clothing drive for Dominican Republic and we raised a small amount of money via our shop Botanikal that went to a small farm in Puerto Rico. 

We also volunteered our time and co hosted local Festivals and local Community Benefits for Puerto Rico.
In addition, we organized two “podcast” holiday market socials that brought artisans and entrepreneurs together.
(We will do this again this Nov and Dec). 

In Feb 2018, Alex and Rosangel started hosting Cafecito Wednesdays at Beehive – a Live Podcast at a local restaurant in Williamsburg called Beehive Oven Biscuit Cafe.  It’s a great oppty to be neighborly, enjoy some great food and support a local business.

People love what they experience.Cafecito Break Podcast and events attract a soulful like minded loving communal vibe. They are healing to the soul on so many levels.

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Our vision calls for a healthy budget for marketing, promotions, promotional materials, a higher investment in hosting platforms, new equipment, a stronger website, host and co host honorariums, and more.
In addition, we seek to raise money to create these community events that bring people together and energize our continued message of how important it is to support home and local.

We welcome your support, advice, tips, contributions, suggestions, recommendations.
And we look forward to sharing some behind the podcast stories that reveal why Cafecito Break is so very special to us.

Thank you in advance. RA, Alex, and Ruthie – Holistic Mystic Critical Thinking Mamacitas

About – Cafecito Break is an independent podcast based in Brooklyn that hosts authentic live conversations about the great awakenings in spirituality, health, love, politics, society, relationships, and the occult. Established in 2012. Produced by the Perez Sisters and Hosted by Rosangel, Alex, Ruthie and Special Guest Co Hosts.

Source: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/ed-and-deb-shapiro/why-saying-yes-to-yoursel_b_9384698.html

March 5, 2018 cafecitobreak

“If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” ― George Orwell our latest podcast with Ruthie and RA, we invite you to listen below.  

February 27, 2018 cafecitobreak

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” – Rumi We invite you to listen below to a conversation with Cosmic Shaman and Metaphysical Teacher, Stephen Popiotek about connection, relationships, partnerships, spiritual relationships, spiritual hygiene, awakening, taking time for self reflection, AI, and more.  We also talk about the recent eclipse energies and upcoming Full Moon. To contact Stephen Popiotek: https://www.facebook.com/stephen.popiotek psijumper@gmail.com  

February 25, 2018 cafecitobreak

Ep 2 – Cafecito @beehive with The Perez Sisters Se fueron los bizcochitos…gone are the old skool bakeries…

The Perez Sisters Interpretative dance… Conversations include Missing the bakeries that used to be here before gentrification hit Williamsburg, Celebrating yourself on your Birthday, The Perez Sisters Birthday plans. Cafecito Break’s Birthday, The challenges of an entrepreneur, Loving on Your Local Businesses & our Thoughts about the Florida School Shooting: Learn more about our “Happy Birthday Cafecito Fundraiser:

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Join us Wednesdays at Bee Hive Oven – 10:30am-12pm

February 22, 2018 cafecitobreak

A lil baseball trivia and an important chat about the flu season, flu shots, and vaccines with Special Guest: Sallie Elkordy Suggested link with information covered on the show: https://brightfuture83.wordpress.com/2018/02/19/theres-no-vaccines-in-baseball-yet/

February 22, 2018 cafecitobreak

Enjoy LIVE FB Cafecito Podcast hits with the Alex and RA, vibe with BK locals, and feel good about supporting a local business, Wednesdays 11am-12pm Beehive Oven Biscuit Café – Williamsburg, Brooklyn (347) 987 – 4960 182 South 2nd Street Brooklyn, New York 11211 Please call the restaurant to RSVP. Preshow with RA – updates and cafecito confessions:

Welcome #shakewhatyamamagaveya – We always start with a dance:

Then we introduce the Brooklyn Beehive Rat Pack 

Que pasa at Beehive – We catch up with Biscuit Princess/Staff and share community announcements

Botanikal Khronikals – Can we share…

February 13, 2018 cafecitobreak

“Your life right now is a reflection of your past thoughts. That includes all the great things, and all the things you consider not so great. Since you attract to you what you think about most, it is easy to see what your dominant thoughts have been on every subject of your life, because that is what you have experienced. Until now!” ― Rhonda Byrne, The Secret We invite you to grab your cup of warmth and listen below to our latest Cafecito chat with Rosangel and Ruthie.