crippling society


Explicit… RA shares an article published by The Guardian called, What Were We Thinking? The worst trends of the decade – ranked! Perhaps its time to dumb down our “smart” life. We are being tracked, listened to, data mined, recorded, and so much more without our real knowing or understanding.Continue Reading


“It’s a doggy doggy world.” Do Men Get Periods? Man Heals Cancer Taking Dog Medicine? Toxic Ingredients found in vaccines y mas. Listen here to our episode we are calling “Strange Times”.   Sources: Thinx: MENstruation The Thinx MENstruation Ad: Is The Outrage Valid? Bizarre Feminist “MENstruation” Commercial Shows MenContinue Reading

There are some days I feel so frustrated with the direction of polarized politics that I get the urge to run for public office, But then reality sets in. I rather have your vote towards Cafecito Break. We are a brand of trust, critical thinking, community wellness, love, and integrity.Continue Reading

“And it’s not a healthy environment right now, but we need to find our way out of it..” Assemblyman Marcos Crespo from the Bronx, NY is back with Ruthie and RA for a live Cafecito Chat. A community is mourning.  Many people are feeling hopeless and enraged. The political environmentContinue Reading