Human State of Emergency, The Demon of Anger Y Mas

“When we are angry, we can make the best speech we will probably regret.” Find out why RA says we are in a human state of emergency. She also talks about the Demon of Anger and Health Effects in the Aftermath of the World Trade Center Attack which includes a PSA with information on who … Read moreHuman State of Emergency, The Demon of Anger Y Mas

Things Are Not Okay!

PRAY WITH ME I have been extremely silent with my words. Like many of you, I have been wearing a very heavy heart as I observe the wars, the chaos, the rage, the tensions, and fighting all around us. There is need everywhere. Need for food. Need for housing. Need for equality. Need for more … Read moreThings Are Not Okay!

Common Relationship Mistakes, Boundaries, & More with RA

“Treasure your relationships, not your possessions.” – Anthony J. D’Angelo CAFECITO BREAK LIVE AT THE HIVE with RATOPIC – Common Relationship MistakesSource: Psychology Today Cafecito Glossary: Tremendo bullship means tremendous poopies or bullshi$  🙂