February 1, 2018 Cafecito Break

“In Western Civilization, our elders are books.” ― Gary Snyder, The Practice of the Wild: Essays The stories and memories we reach for in the end are so different that the ones we reach for when we have our loved ones in our day to day lives. This moment is precious… Share it with presence!

March 6, 2017 Cafecito Break

Dedicated to those who are experiencing grief, loss, and/or transition. In this episode, Rosangel talks about the loss of her father and how gratitude helped her manage her inconsolable grief. Everyday for a year she shared a gratitude tweet on social media. In less than 29 days, she started to feel lighter and more peaceful inside. As a result #29daysofgratitude was born. Since 2009, Rosangel has shared this journey with thousands of people who have joined her on this 29 day journey. One day at a time…. One breath at a time. We invite you to listen here. “One moment…