The Buzz from Cafecito Listeners – Testimonials

Love shouts from people who listen to our podcast…

Monica“You Wanna Do What Podcast” – Cafecito Break is the podcast you need to connect to your people. It’s real, honest, and always relavant.

Michael P – Making Mondays More Magical.

Lisa P – Having a little Cafecito Break with RA and Ruthy this morning. My Cafecito Break Confession: I sometimes rewind the podcast right after the intro music so I can listen to it again and bop my head to the music. lol. #truestory

JP – Retired Military Special Forces – Can you handle hearing what every side has to say? Getting out of the military was a tough process for me. But, key in that process was exposing myself to points of view well outside of the normal for me. So, extend your mind and listen to what the country you’ve been protecting is concerned with these days. Hint: All hope is not lost… you have people like RA out there who get it.

Irma StarSpirit Turtle Woman – Rosangel lil wolf and Alex Atabiera are like twin flames, lights that attract the Cosmic Heart Energy within. Botanikal shares this light with all that walk in, it is a vortex of delight with so many beautiful medicine tools.  An Abundance of Blessings and Love to you both.

Tina Orlandini – Today, in celebration of Rosangel Perez’s earth day, I’m sharing a beautiful resource she’s put out into the world: Cafecito Break Podcast – a chance to pause and listen to meaningful and relevant conversations that range from self-care and wellness to community and social issues. Highly recommended if you’re looking for a new podcast to check out! More info in the post below!

Ramos N – We love and appreciate all you do for the Community as well as us all. Especially by voicing your opinion in a positive manner and helping us understand what is really going on in the world that surrounds us!
THANK YOU dearest friend

Nina La Nena Hernández – Great show either way. I’m glad I got connected. Was very enlightened. Aché manita mia querida. ♡

William Jaguar Paw – You are so so so very special and so amazing and a true inspiration a supreme lightworker shamaneesa and goddess of goddesses I just adore you and love you so very much and so grateful that you were born into this existence at this time… Happy magnificent solar return precious….your big Kindred brother

Steven VP – Got me a little more in my feels than I expected or was ready for, but a solid episode nonetheless. #titobringmeatissue (regarding Embody Your Passion)

Luphane S B – Every being needs to hear this HEALING message!!!

Michaella-Lyanne Teresa Candelaria Guerrero Misko Light Bringer, Founder of MLTCG Broadcasting – “Shame & Sexuality”… Sharing from Rosangel Perez. Make sure to check out her shows… another great person who’s bringing things to you real and with heart! 🙂 ☆☆♡♡♡☆☆

Troy Cook – Excellent show! EXCELLENT! I need to get that book where she talked to all the kids! INDEED! Could have listened half the night! Thanks Rosangel and co host Ruthie! (Mary Rodwell of ACERN)

Sylvia Hernandez – Thank you for always bring peace, love, understanding and community to every space you are in.

Nancy – Thank you for sharing this is what I love about you Rosangel Perez THE WAY YOU’RE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR ALL PEOPLE!

Sister Circle Collective – One year ago my sis Lanai Daniels and I were on the awesome radio show Cafecito Break Podcast with Rosangel Perez representing my awesome sistars from Sister Circle Collective. Forever grateful! Amazing how time flies. Love and miss all you fly ass sistars!!!

Kristie Alers – I’m blessed to know you and sending my sincerest gratitude to you and your wonderful work… the world needs more healers and we begin healing through dialogue… you and your amazing team are appreciated and loved!

Troy Cook – Be present……show up….
Those four words alone made the entire show!!! Enjoyed listening/feeling you! Attachment_1.png?

Simone Falchite estoy escuchando desde Florencia/Italia! Keep it up!! Attachment_2.png:) cheers!

Marguerite N Gutiérrez | Love your peaceful voice. Thanks for the message.

Matthew Aaron Davis | This was an AWESOME show! Two hours of pure bliss!

George Hernandez | Really enjoyed the show! The love was very much felt! Thank you for the good vibes, truly inspirational!

Sydney Hartlove Nichols | “It is because of Cafecito Break that I look forward to the ‘dreaded’ Monday morning. Rosangel and Ruthie are two of the most uplifting souls, you can feel their love, light, and smiles from wherever you are. The kind of insight and knowledge they have on a myriad of topics blows my mind. Two very smart and lovely ladies who truly want to make a difference in the world. Thank you deeply for sharing your Monday morning with me… It is a beautiful way to start the week. It brings both awareness and grounding and leaves something deeper to think about as the week progresses ???

Dr. Nikki Noce | “This week I appeared on Cafecito Break, a weekly radio show celebrating goddesses and spirituality, hosted by Rosangel Perez and Ruthie Guten. You can listen to the episode here, and others on CafecitoBreak The energy and love that I felt from these women was truly uplifting and keeps me inspired to continue doing what I’m doing. They share this positivity and light with all the guests on their show. I met Rosangel and her sister in Botanikal, their crystal shop in Brooklyn. They host goddess circles and I absolutely adore the community these women are creating.”

Michael P | “Hey cuz! I just wanted to tell you today since i had no school i decided to listen to your “cafécito break” and i just wanted to tell you how proud of you i am! i loved what you said about how life falls into 2 categories, love or fear and how sometimes when things are going too well we expect something bad to occur and that we shouldn’t think like that. I just wanted to say that i support you in what you do and i know its difficult with OUR family at times to support the more “worldly, spontaneous, lively, children of the earth” people like us and i just want you to know i love you …”

Chef Gabriela Alvarez |”Just lost my Cafecito Break viginity. AMAZING! Can’t wait for more!!”

Gina Colon Bumbalo | Congratulations! It was a success! Love you Girl!” (Guest on Gratitude Ep 1)

Kiella Mellot | “Such a Beautiful experience, Rosangel. Thank you, my L♥ ve. Here’s to the Pleasure Revolution, Pioneering & Researching our Sacred Sensual Goddess-Given Birthright of Pleasure (both men & women) on this planet from one sister to another & inspiring others in our Presence to do the same…one Pleasurable step at a time. ♥ ”

Daisy Rivera | “Pure enlightment. Gracias. Ahora entiendo muchas cosas y mi camino y la de mi hijas.” ~ Daisy Rivera

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