What Makes Cafecito Break So Special

Authentic moments with real people…

We host conversations with people who care about humanity. People who ask bigger questions and make great sacrifices for the greater good. People who have uncovered truths that need to be shared. People who put their lives on the line because their love for this planet is so much greater. People who care about family and relationships and freedom of speech. People who want to protect our privacy. People who are speaking out regarding the dangers of vaccines, the mind control of television and 9/11 truths.
In a world where there is so much that is fake, staged, or edited, Cafecito Break invites thoughtful critical reflections regarding our society, culture, and our day to day relationships.
Each show is a lil journey. Every show teaches us something, even if what it teaches is hard to look at or talk about. We don’t try to control it. We allow it to flow and we weave our show and our intended conversations around it. We host our shows live via the internet or in person. Each show has its own magic and wisdom. Connecting with community matters to us. Our show is not a mainstream show. It won’t receive the kind of attention it could because some of the topics we host are not welcomed in mass media. That is why we need your support, your shares and reviews.
Thank you, RA of Cafecito Break
About Cafecito:
An independent podcast based in Brooklyn that hosts live conversations about the great awakenings in spirituality, health, love, politics, society, relationships, and the occult. Produced by the Perez Sisters and Hosted by Rosangel, Ruthie, and Alex.
Hosted by Rosangel Perez, Ruthie Guten, and Special Guest Co-hosts
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